How to Start Freelancing – Follow Top 11 Steps

Now a days freelancing is popular word in worldwide. Many people try to start freelancing career. But every one should to know what is freelancing? be joining freelancing market. You can Start Freelancing Career when you have enough knowledge about this market. I want to learn here how to Start Freelancing Career step by step.


What is Freelancing

Freelancing is a contractual full time or part time job where the employee is an independent contractor serving as a consultant to an employer. It is very flexible. Because freelancer can set his own hours, working part-time or full  time on the projects of his choice. When clients offer specifications to the work, a freelancer works similar to an independent contractor, in which he’s absolutely free to take decision how the work is completed.  In freelancing market  you can set your own price. There are two type of freelancer in freelance market short time & long time. Freelancers can work for one more employers at a time, sell a variety of marketable skills on any market place, and work as long or as short as they want.

Advantages of Freelancing

1.) Freedom – As a freelancer, you can choose the clients you want to work with and the types of projects on which you work, particularly if you have an excess of work. If you find you have too much to do you can drop high maintenance or slow-paying clients or turn down less interesting projects at will. Not only do you have the freedom to choose who you work with, you are also physically more free: no more being chained to a desk in an office on the 5th floor – you can work wherever you like, be that in your bed, in a coffee shop or in the park.

2.) Autonomy – Freelancers are highly autonomous. When you own the business, you generally don’t have to answer to anybody (other than your clients) and you are free to operate on your own terms, at your own hours and at the rates you establish. This could mean finishing early to watch a football match, taking a Friday off for a weekend away with friends or spontaneously extending that Christmas break.

3.) Work-life balance – Because you can work from everywhere, as a freelancer you often have a better work-life balance. You can spend more time with your children, friends or enjoy moments girl friend and also do the things you love. You always fill free from traffic jam & others.

4.) Higher salary, less expenses – In this sector If you want to charge more, you can do it. If you think you’re not making enough per hour, change your hourly rate any time, or charge per project. No more asking your boss for a this.  As a freelancer you save a lot of money because you don’t pay  no travel costs, smart work clothes or daily bought lunches bill.

5.) You can gather experience from many sector – As a freelancer you learn how to manage money and also keep up with your financial paperwork. Some times you will be the salesperson, administrator, bookkeeper and some times a project manager on top of the work you’re actually being paid to do. You can Learn these skills may be hard work, but they will be a great addition to your portfolio.

 6.) You’re always Boss – You are always boss in freelancing marketing. Nobody ask any question you with clients. You will do every thing as you like best. You will make all decision freely.

  7.)Flexible working: when and for whom you want to work you choose to work.

  8.)Prove yourself: You can prove yourself easily in freelance market. Working on a freelance market will give both you and the employer the opportunity to prove each and other, before contact to permanent employment.

9.) Easy to start. You can start just now, using your own network find a client. If you have a portfolio website or LinkedIn profile, you can find your client easily.

Follow 11 Steps to start Freelancing Career

If you want to start freelancing job you must follow these  step to success in freelancing

1. Define Your Goals

You should to decide your freelancing goal. Freelancing can give you better life you if select your actual goal that what you want in this sector.

2. Choose a Profitable Niche

There are many sector available in freelancing marketing like graphic design, web design, social media marketing, digital marketing, article writing,  seo, auto cad, data entry and etc. No one can success without proper knowledge and experience on skill. You want success you need to select a profitable niche which you have enough experience.

3. Target Clients Identify

4. Set Strategic Prices for Your Services.

5. Build a High-Quality Portfolio Website.

6. Create Examples of What You Can Deliver (on Your Portfolio Site).

7. Thoughtfully Choose Your First Clients.

8. Mention Potential Clients in Your Content.

9. Learn How to Pitch Yourself.

10. Don’t Mix Your Day Job Priorities with Freelance Business.

11. Believe in yourself.

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