46 Best Free Digital Marketing Tools 2017

Now a days Digital Marketing is the great marketing method for any company or website. Because digital marketing is the low cost and high return marketing technique in the world. It is fully different from traditional marketing. But if you want to success on digital marketing you must know about 46 Best Free Digital Marketing Tools 2017. It help you to make a successful digital marketer.

Dear friend i today i will introduce here 46 Best Free Digital Marketing Tools 2017 with you which is very effective internet marketing tools. So lets go to start..

List of 46 Best Free Digital Marketing Tools 2017  is-

Best free SEO Tools…

       Google Page Speed Insights

Web site loading time is one of the most critical factors in bounce rates and for more visitor . You can get a real time analysis of your website speed by use Google PageSpeed Insights tool.

  1. Keywordtool.io

    Keyword tool.io help you to get targeted nich keyword. You can find targeted long tail keyword by keyword tool.io

    Open Site Explorer

    You can build your powerful high quality inbound link by open site explorer

    Google Analytics

    Google Analytics is very powerful digital marketing tool. You can use it for monitoring and analyzing visitor on your website.


    You can compare any competitor website by using Similar Web tool.

    Google Trends

    Google Trends is another seo tool that can be used for keyword research for short & long time result


    You can use Copyscape to check duplicate content on your site.


    Browseo can be helpful to visit your website through the lens of a search engine.  It is not difficult Just enter your website URL into Browseo and the tool will show you  particular elements of your website. You’ll get new idea every time you use this.

    Best free Social Media Tools…

  1. Addict-o-matic

     You can use AddictOMatic if you have a topic you are interested in and want to learn more about it from different sources. Tool for searching for news, photos, videos, blogs, tweets, and more.
    Best of all, it is free to use and no membership is required.
    Simply enter a query into the search bar and Addict-o-matic will conveniently sort the results. Click on the link to open news stories, videos, images, or tweets!

  2. Social Mention

  3. IFTTT

  4. IceRocket

  5. TweetDeck

  6. Google Alerts

  7. Facebook Page Insights

  8. Qzzr

  9. Rapportive

  10. Facebook Audience Insights

    Best Free Content Marketing Tools…

  11. Grammarly

  12. Evernote

  13. Headline Analyzer

  14. Hemingway App

  15. PlaceIt

  16. Visage

  17. Wideo

  18. Piktochart

  19. Spredfast

  20. Feedly

    Best free Email Marketing Tools…

  21. MailChimp

  22. RyanSolutions Social Sharing Link Builder

  23. PutsMail

  24. WPForms

  25. FreshMail

    Best free Research Tools

  26. FollowerWonk

  27. SpyFu

  28. PeerReach

  29. QuickSprout

  30. Alexa

  31. Google Analytics URL Builder

    Best free Measurement Tools

  32. Mixpanel

  33. Webtrends

  34. Localytics

  35. Countly

  36. Scoop.it

  37. Cyfe

    Best free Design Tools

  38. Canva



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