7 Shocking Facts About Blogging in Hindi

7 Shocking/Amazing/interesting Facts About Blogging in Hindi –
Hi I’m back with another video related to amazing Blogs Facts You Need To Know, Here are some facts about blogging that might surprise you.

1) In 1999, there were just 23 blogs. Today, there are over 1.6 billion blogs on the internet. WordPress alone has over 60 millions of them.
Every half a second, a new blog is created.
2) Less than 10% to 17% of bloggers earn enough to support their family. More than 80% never ever make it to even $100.
3) 1 in every 5 bloggers updates his/her blog daily. Most of the blogs are read in the morning between 7am to 10am
4) Articles with images get 94% more views
5) More than two-thirds of bloggers have not updated their blogs in over a year.
6) 65% of daily internet users read blogs. It could be YOUR blog if you make it easy for them to find it.
7) Total: USD 40055 (Approx 26 Lakh)

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