AlphaTraveler1 Small YouTuber Social Media 101 – Growth Series (11) – Technique with PhotoGearFun

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Welcome to the first of series of the AlphaTraveler1 Small YouTuber Social Media 101 – Growth Series. Please make sure you are subscribed, hit the bell, and hit the like to ensure you are connected and have access to our other videos and Growth Series Contents.

This week’s topic is about filming technique. Many people ask about streaming and or filming technique. Well here it is. We have Phil from the Photo Gear Fun Channel with us on this one again.

Featured Items to help you film –
AlphaTraveler1’s – Filming Gear.
Panasonic Lumix FZ 300

AlphaTraveler1- PERGEAR Aluminum Mini Tripod

Photo Gear Fun –

As a YouTube Content Creator, we are in competition with hundreds of thousands to millions of channels. In order to be able to complete, the owner and content creator must use all the tools available to their disposal. Before using the base tool, one must understand what a Social Media is and what it is NOT. Come with me and lets explore and talk through Social Media and look at the first free tool available to you on YouTube.

AlphaTravler1 Small YouTuber Social Media 101 – Growth Series (1) –

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