CPA Marketing For Beginners

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Today I want talk about the basics of CPA Marketing. What it is and how to get started promoting CPA Offers.

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So CPA stands for Cost Per Action and it’s a type of marketing where you get paid if a user performs a particular action after clicking on one of your affiliate links.
This action can be different things include submitting their Email, filling out a form, downloading something, entering their mobile number or submitting their pin code

It’s sometimes called PPL or Pay Per Lead and its generally a lot easier to get commissions this way as nobody has to make a purchase.

The amount that you can make from it per lead depends on the offers that you are promoting, and it can be anything from 50c up to $25 per action depending on the niche,

The easiest way to find CPA offers to promote is to sign up to a network that has a wide range of promotions to choose from.

Some of the most popular ones are:

1. Peerflay
2. MaxBounty
3. Adworkmedia
4. CPALead and
5. Adscendmedia

The first thing that you need to do is apply to join one of these networks. You will have to explain how you plan to promote the offers that they offers, and give a little bit of info about your marketing activities, but you should find it relativity easy to get accepted.

Then once your have, you can browse through the offers and apply to promote individual offers that suite your needs.

There are a few terms that you will need to familiarise yourself with..

Firstly EPC which stands for Earning Per Click. This is the average amount that an offer has made related to the number of time people have clicked to look at it. The higher the EPC the better.

Also look for the Payout or CPA rate, because this is the amount that the offer will pay each time someone completes the action.

Conversion percentage is the percentage of people who have completed an offer that they’ve been presented with, and again the higher this is the better.

Then you’ve got incentive and non-Incentive offers.
If you’re allowed to incentive an offer you can give people extra gifts, coupons, money etc in order to get action from them.

But with a non-Incentive offer, this isn’t allowed and you probably won’t get paid if they catch you doing it.

Finally you need to look out for Offer type:

There are various types of offer such as as Pin submit, Email submit, Downloads, Survey, Installs, Mobile, Purchase etc. So make sure you familiarise yourself with these.

When it comes to getting paid, There are several methods which are supported by the popular CPA networks.
Including Paypal and Bank transfer. Some also allow alternative methods such as Skrill, Payza, Payoneer, Check or Western Union.

So how to you promote CPA offers?

Well there are loads of different ways yo can do it, and I’m going to cover them in detail in seperate videos.
Some of the best ways include posting on social media, blog posting, video marketing, email marketing, paid ads, the list goes on.

As I said I’ll be covering them one by one so if you want access to my exclusive free internet marketing training which is crammed full of actionable content for newbies and experts alike, please click the link below.

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