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This new system allows you to post to as many Facebook Groups as you like, out of the 700 Million Facebook Groups out there right now.
Yes, that’s correct, you can now post your offer to a laser targeted Audience and get all the benefits of posting LIVE content.

Live Content as you know is given tons of exposure in folks Facebook timelines.
Not to mention the notifications Facebook sends to everyone when you go live, ensuring maximum reaching to your audience.

He’s looking for Beta testers right now to help use and improve this amazing new software
he’s created.This offer allows you to get in and use this amazing product a few months ago
its liberated to the general public, plus you get in at the lower cost, the cost goes up
as soon as it proceeds live.
See it in Action here

00:00:05 Facebook Marketing Tools
00:00:38 Facebook Marketing Bot
00:01:11 Poster On Social Networking Sites
00:01:44 Wall Posters For Facebook
00:02:17 Facebook Software Tools

Facebook Marketing Tools – FB Live Pro – Facebook Marketing Tools

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