Growth Hacking Tools, Techniques & Secrets for 2017 – Growth Insights #1

In this brand new video series we will share growth hacking secrets for 2017, growth hacking tools and growth hacking techniques on a tri-weekly basis. Download all our best Growth Hacking Tools for FREE 👉

The Growth Insights series is our new jam-packed, fast-paced video format in which we’ll introduce you to the growth tools, techniques and secrets for 2017 our team has come across over the past few weeks.

We’ll publish a new Growth Insights video every 2 to 3 weeks so be sure to subscribe if you don’t want to miss out on the most relevant developments in regards to all things growth.

0:26 – “It’s not AB, it’s AI” – –
0:57 – Ton Wesseling (@tonw) of @OnlineDialogue –
0:58 – demo webinar with Ton Wesseling – watch it here:
1:01 – Peep Laja (@peeplaja) of @ConversionXL –
1:02 – demo webinar with Peep Laya – watch it here:
1:19 – GMass –
1:41 – – does exactly what it says on the box! –
1:46 – AdParlor –
1:56 – Amplitude –
2:23 –
2:37 – Link Miner – add chrome extension here:
2:58 – Seed Keywords –
3:04 – –
3:14 – Amplitude’s Product Analysis Playbook –
3:25 – Chatbots are Taking Over the World article –
3:35 – How to build Chatbots without Coding – Motion (, Chatfuel (, Flowxo (, Api (
3:41 – “Machine Learning is Good News for us Marketers” – Read article here:
3:59 – Article: The Simple Economics of Machine Intelligence
4:03 – Free Coursera Machine Learning course –
4:11 – Preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – 12 steps to take now –
4:39 – FaceBook Ad Categories – full list –
4:41 – –
4:45 – –
5:25 – Pre-suasion by Robert Cialdini – Buy here:

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