How to Start Affiliate Marketing Career step by step- guideline for beginners

If you are looking Affiliate Marketing guideline to make your career. I think this is the write place where you will get a proper Affiliate Marketing guideline for beginners. Now a days Affiliate Marketing is very popular online earning way. Any one can earn much money by Affiliate Marketing if they have enough knowledge on Affiliate Marketing . Many people build Affiliate Marketing Career & they earn handsome money.  Before start your Affiliate career you need know How to earn money with Affiliate Marketing. In this article I will learn you How to Start Affiliate Marketing Career step by step. Are you beginner on this sector, don’t worry. Please follow the step and try to step. So let’s go to start-


What is Affiliate Marketing

We should to know about the meaning of Affiliate Marketing before our journey. Affiliate Marketing is a commission base earning process where you will promote products or service for any company. Affiliate marketing is the great online earning way.


Become an Affiliate

Choose your relevant  niche

Before you start affiliate Business you need to select your target relevant niche. You should select niche that represents your current interests or your profession. You must take times for research relevant niche. A good niche can be your life time property.

You can see

Top 10 Niches for Affiliate Business

Create a niche relevant website

Most of the affiliate company ask you about your website when you want to create account on their site. If you have not a web site you can’t join their affiliate network. So you need to create relevant niche website or a landing page. A relevant website creating is not very difficult.  You will create a landing page by wordpress cms. Or if you don’t a landing page design you may contact with us. We will support you  how to create a landing page in wordpress.

 contact for landing page design


Research affiliate programs.

A lot of affiliate program that offers products or services in your niche. CPS & CPA model are famous pay out model in affiliate network. CPS ( Cost Per Sell) or PPS(pay per sell) that means you will get commission when you sell your affiliate products or service.

On the hand CPA means Cost per action which means you will get commission when a specific action is completed by the referral click or lead. Main CPA action is clicks, form submission, sign up , download and impression. You can choose you affiliate business partner from Top Affiliate Network I will mention here some top Affiliate network is-


Clickbank is one of the famous affiliate network. More than 6 million product available in their library. Clickbank mainly focus on digital marketing.


Commission Junction

Commission Junction is now CJ Affiliate By Conversant. CJ Affiliate network is another Famous Affiliate network. Millions of consumers shopping online by using commission junction.


Amazon Associates

Amazon is the world most popular CPS Affiliate Network. More than millions of product always available on their store. Amazon is the largest online based retailer in USA. Many advertisers and publishers choose amazon because It is very easy to use, high commission offering, reliable platform, and broad product offerings. Amazon Associate account creating is very easy.

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Why Amazon affiliate is The world most popular affiliate program?


Affiliate Window

Affiliate window is also another famous CPS Affiliate Network. It is the Adwords winner affiliate network. It is win Affiliate Marketing Awards 2012 for the Best CPS Network. It has  built a strong Affiliate Network which stands on the foundation of innovation, ethical business practices, advanced technology and reliable services. It has also provided a profitable digital marketing channel to publishers  and   advertisers.

There are also more affiliate network available like-

ShareaSale , eBay, Avangate, Flexoffers, RevenueWire and ReviMedia


Join an affiliate program

Before joining you should to Decide what affiliate programs you would like to join. You will join your nich relevant affiliate network. Suppose you have a travel blog. then you must choose those network who support travel, hotel booking related products.


Marketing Products on Your Website

Add affiliate links in your content

After joining on a affiliate partner network you should to focus your website content development and use affiliate link in your website content. You can earn money by adding affiliate link into your content because a reader click on the link, they go to company website and when they finished any task you will get commission. If you want to increase earning you must try to write article of affiliate company product or service on your blog.


Include visual ads in your sidebar

You can use blog sidebar for your niche related visual ads. It give you extra money when a visitor click on you ad banner. Banner set is not difficult. You need copy banner code from affiliate partner website and place your side bar html box or text box.


Continue producing  niche relevant article on your blog

Content development is very important for any blogger to success by blogging. Because traffic will come back again & again when you write a uniq and quality content. You must write content regularly on your affiliate product or service. More content and more earning, because visitor will come & click on you affiliate link.


Use analytics to measure your success

If you want to success in affiliate marketing, you need to set a great plan for future. Google analytics is a greate tools which support you to set your target. Because your traffic monitoring, sell monitoring and lead monitoring also possible by google analytics. So we reanalysis our business by google analytics. So you must link your site with google analytics.


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