Top 5 best Ways to Make Money from YouTube

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet world.  YouTube is the really great way to make a lot of money. But most of YouTube user doesn’t know how much  money they are  here &  how many way to make money on YouTube.

New YouTuber? no problem, In this article i will guide you about The best way to make money on YouTube. I think there four best way available to make money on YouTube.


Ways to Make Money on YouTube

1. Earn Money By Becoming a YouTube Partner

This is one of the best ways to earn a lot of money on YouTube. For example you can read here some of the success stories of YouTube partners who are making lot of money from YouTube.

Before earning this way you need to create a channel, upload uniq video by follow YouTube guidelines. When you get 10000 views in your channel then you can apply for YouTube Partner account.

Before you apply for YouTube partner program you should to see partner Qualifications & FAQ .

So try to upload more and more best quality video and earn more and more money in YouTube.


2. Earn Money By Sponsor Ad

Sponsor ad can be another good source of income on YouTube video. If you have a Channel with good subscriber then you can get money by this way. Suppose, You have a channel about hotel or education related then many hotel or training institute offer you to put their link or contact information on your videos by pay you. But befor try try to earning this way you need to good subscriber & good viewers.


3. Earn Money By Sponsor Videos

When your channel will be popular you can can money by this way.  If your channel is health, education or hotel category then i say this is very good opportunity for you. You get a sponsor video from hotel, institute or medicine or hospitals. They propose you to upload their their video on your channel or you can propose them for sponsor video. When they accept your proposal you can get money monthly for uploading on your channel.


4. Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

YouTube is the great affiliate marketing platform where you can easily promote your affiliate product or service by videos or submission link on videos and description box.

Man watch videos for entertainment & information or finding the solutions of their problems.  YouTube is the place where you can get ton of your targeted traffic. So if you want money by affiliate marketing you need to create good quality videos for your targeted customers and When they click your affiliate link and buy something then you earn money.


5. Make Money With sell your own product or service

You can promote your own product or service by YouTube videos. Suppose if you have a blog. You can promote blog link on videos or if you have clothing business or e-commerce business you will promote here your business and increase your earning easily.



Finally i say every success depend on your subscriber, video quality and good viewer. So you need to focus on video quality and YouTube video marketing.

Thanks for reading this article. If you like this post please share on social media and share your opinion by comment. Again welcome to my blog.

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