Top 8 Ways to Make Money by Facebook

If you are reading this article would mean that you are interested to know the ways to make money on Facebook. This further implies that you are a Facebook user and also involved in making money online in one or another way.

Let us see how to make money by Facebook but before that let us look at the strength and potential to make money on Facebook.

Facebook is undoubtedly big name in social media but it is merely growing and exploding even faster than hyperspace speed. You will be wondered to hear that currently Facebook is enjoying over 750,000,000 users with half of them are regular users who visit FB 2-3 times in a week. An average FB user spends over an hour each day with social media.

Isn’t this mindmake-money-on-facebook blowing statistics especially when you consider Facebook as online money making platform?  Don’t you think that you should appreciate and take advantage to monetize such a big  strength of 750,000,000 FB users?

Next interesting stat would be the fact that Facebook is generating over $2,000,000,000 (billions) in year 2010. FB marketers have earned over billions with FB’s PPC advertising.

I think, this is enough to introduce the strength and opportunity to earn money on Facebook. Now, let us see top 5 ways about how to make money on Facebook:

Make money on Facebook with advertising

You have been using internet for advertising and marketing purpose. Showing advertisement on Facebook is the most easy and excellent way to target customer especially who own a product or service to sell off. There is no excuse for not taking advantage of showing ads on Facebook.

This is ultimate option when you have big audience and you are popular among your Facebook network. You can easily setup ads using AdSense, Chitika and other PPC advertising companies. Lot of affiliate marketers makes excellent income through Facebook advertising. You can check out some facebook apps that will help you in this.

Make money on Facebook with Fan Page

Facebook fan page, as the name suggest is the concept to make your page popular in your social network and then sell your product or service to the people who visits your page.

You can create fan page on Facebook which subsequently direct the link to your website or blog and thus grab a chance to convert prospective customer into actual customer. This way you can earn money on Facebook fan page.

You can use custom opt-in page where you capture your fans and visitors email details which can be later on used to send emails and build relationship. You can post updates on wall of your fan page where your fans can see, like, comment and share your posts.

Further, the entire activity will be appeared on your fan’s page as news feed which will again viewed by their friends and fans. Remember, each of your activity will subsequently send fans and friends to your website, sales page for sale. You will find tremendous results in your sales after promoting your business with Facebook fan page.

Make money with Facebook application

Application industry has enormously grown in past decade and has been top money making online business. Facebook applications are incredible tool that offers free platform to small applications and programs which are promoted through Facebook to enhance user experience.

If you are technology savvy then you can promote your skill by making Facebook application of your own, sell it to Facebook users and utilize them to direct traffic to your website.

However, if you are not tech savvy then you can buy applications such as guides, games and quizzes from online stores and make use of it to maximize your purchases. You can earn money on Facebook by putting ads in application. This is great idea to target people with advertising those who are using your application.

Make money with Facebook e-Book

With such a vast quantum of Facebook users, it is becoming more and more popular on internet. It is not necessary that each and every user is Facebook savvy. Getting started with Facebook can be easy and simple for people like you and me but this may not be the case for every individual.

Apart from basics, Facebook offers so many inbuilt applications to their users. It is very difficult for users to know about each Facebook application. Typically, Facebook eBook comprises knowhow about Facebook and each of its applications, advantages to use them, how to use and lot more.

You can make money on Facebook by writing and promoting Facebook. So., if you have writer in you and have enhanced Facebook experience, then Facebook e-book is the best way to share your knowledge and experience. You need not have to pay single penny to promote your e-book, simply use Facebook to promote this.

You can monetize your writing skills through this platform

Make money on Facebook with affiliate marketing

Earn money on Facebook through affiliate marketing is very similar to any other affiliate marketing program. You can register on any affiliate marketing network, pick a product relevant to your Facebook audience and start promoting it on Facebook. You will be assigned a code along with embedded affiliate id forming a link.

Whenever user clicks on that link and buy product or service using your link, you will earn money in the form of commission. You can write small blog post on each product to promote it in your network. You will find big earning opportunity with affiliate marketing on Facebook.

Sell likes and shares

Yes you heard it right; you can do much more with your likes and shares than just impress your latest crush. In a bid to increase a product’s credibility, businesses buy ‘likes and shares’ from authentic Facebook profiles. The logic is that a Facebook page with a large number of likes and shares inspires more confidence among buyers about a brand.

While this is just a small list, there are many other ways with which you can earn money with Facebook. What’s even better is that there is something for everybody. As the digital divide between people closes in, it is only a matter of time before Facebook becomes even a bigger part of our lives. So, people should tap in opportunities while there is still time rather than being left out as more advance options flood the web.

Social media influencer

If you have a habit of knowing people later and sending friend requests first, then this is where your skills can come handy. Companies are always on the lookout for social media influencers with big fan followings to promote their products. You could promote a product on your Facebook page or profile and get paid for it. Obviously, the larger you friend circle, the better it is.

Sell stuff on Facebook Marketplace

Rolled out in 2007, the Facebook Marketplace is like a virtual garage sale and for a few bucks you could find almost anything on Earth here. People can list whatever they want to buy or sell and then wait for offers to pour in.  What’s better, you can track down sellers or buyers from your friends’ networks as well. Be it that office party costume that you never wore again or your collection of romantic songs, you never know there might be a buyer waiting.

The word of caution, above are top 5 best ideas to make money on Facebook. You need to research, discover and plan a strategy to make maximum out of each money making ideas . Find out more strategies that help you to succeed to earn money on Facebook.

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