What Is The Best Blogging Platform For An Online Business? Wix, Weekly, SquareSpace or WordPress?

The best blogging platform for an online business revealed… Is it Wix, Weekly, SquareSpace or WordPress?

If you are looking at how to make money blogging or how to start a blog or simply wanting to grow your onlinebusiness, content marketing and blogging are a great way for you to grow your audience organically.

One of the biggest challenges in blogging is outgrowing your platform and having to go through the process of migrating to a new system later on, when you have momentum going.

This opens you up to all kinds of potential challenges and issues and potentially organic rankings loss if the migration is not handled properly.

The best bet is to build your blog on a solid foundation from day one!

Just like building a skyscraper… If the foundation is not stable, your skyscraper will eventually crumble…

So, what is the best blogging platform for 2017 and beyond?

Is it Wix? …Weebly? …SquareSpace? …Wordpress? …Another system?

In my 10+ years of making money online, I have tried all of these platforms and more and have had some good experiences and some terrible experiences.

This video will go over the best blogging platform for an online business and you will not only understand which blog platform is best, but you will also understand why.

It is important to get a deeper understanding of these blogging platforms so you can understand what their goals are to see if their goals are in alignment with your goals.

As a blogger, or even if you are researching how to start a blog you need a system that will work for you and not try to ‘get’ from you or ‘upsell’ you constantly.

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